Driver Session $75.00
Irons Session $75.00
Entire Set Session $125.00


What do you mean by Club Fitting?

Club Fitting is the process of finding the right set of specs to achieve an optimal launch angle and impact position, tailored to your swing.  It involves processes of adjusting the lie angel of the club, the length of the club, the size of the grip, the type of shaft, and the flex of that shaft.  All these variables will have a distinct impact on your ball flight.

Will getting my clubs fit really help just an average player?

Club fitting probably helps the average player much more than the highly skilled player.  PGA Professionals have been getting their clubs fitted for decades, but it wasn't until the recently that the equipment was made available at a competitive price for your average golfer.  Getting your clubs tweaked is going to change those approach shots from being 10 yards off the right of the green to putting on the right side of the green.

What should I expect when I come in and get fit?

The process should take about 45 minutes.  A fitting professional will ask you a few questions about your current ball flight, some specifics about your game, and what you would like to achieve.  After getting some information about you, we will make some recommendations and let you try out some clubs and see what feels best to you.  You clubhead speed, ball velocity, and launch angle will be measured.  Once we figure out what type of shaft would be best for you, we will find the correct lie angle and shaft length to ensure center contact on the face and the sole.  If the set needs to be ordered, your custom specs will be transferred to the supplier and you can expect your set to be in within 10-14 business days.

Do you use a launch monitor?

We use state of the art Flightscope X3 launch monitor to give us accurate information as it pertains to club and golf ball data.  The Flightscope X3 will tack the golf ball from when you hit the golf ball till it lands.  It is accurate to within a yard.  We encourage you to schedule a fitting today!