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April 1, 2020

As a small business owner since 1976, I have seen nothing that has rocked the American economy quite like the current Covid-19 crisis.  Much like the rest of the country, The Foundation Golf Center has temporarily closed to the public to practice “social distancing”.  Our hope is that you and your families are staying healthy and that you too are practicing the recommended measures by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to suppress the spread of Covid-19.

While The Foundation Golf Center is closed at this time, expenses do continue.  Payroll, utilities, and grounds maintenance are costs that must be covered, so that when this virus subsides, we will be ready to provide you with the best possible golf experience.  April is typically The Foundation Golf Center’s best month and we have been ramping up for a record setting month by stocking the shelves with more inventory than ever.  To not be open during our busiest month, presents us with challenges never before faced.  Thus, we are instituting a “stimulus package” today that will be a WIN-WIN-WIN for the many people we care about here at The Foundation Golf Center.  Here is how the “stimulus package” will work;

  1. Call 517-279-6164 or email for great pricing on in-stock items or go to our online store at on our website and purchase gift cards for merchandise, range punch cards, or range memberships. We will give you an additional 10% in shop credit for any amount of purchased online.  WIN FOR OUR CUSTOMERS!
  2. Any purchase you make during this “stimulus package” period, The Foundation Golf Center will donate 10% of that purchase to the Scholarship Fund of The Game Of your Life Foundation (G.O.L.F).  This Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to student athletes that exemplify great character, excellent academic performance, and consistent community service.  This Scholarship Fund has awarded $455,000 since 1994.  WIN FOR THE STUDENT ATHLETES!
  3. The remainder of your purchase will help sustain The Foundation Golf Center in terms of payroll, utilities, maintenance and vendors.  WIN FOR THE FOUNDATION GOLF CENTER!

This “stimulus package” will be in effect until we can get back to normal business operations, which I am confident will be sooner than later because of how everyone is pulling together to combat this crisis.  The Foundation Golf Center thanks you for twenty-three outstanding years of support in this great community and I am thankful to have Dean Whittington and Chris Tilbury helping to navigate us through these turbulent days.  While the world seems to be in chaos, I must say this crisis has brought us something that many of us have rarely had and that is the gift of “time”.  I urge you to use that “time” to improve yourselves mentally, physically and spiritually.  I know I have been able to spend more time with my family, run more miles, and read more books than ever before.  I am still at The Foundation Golf Center daily carrying on “essential business” so if you have any questions, needs, or seeking good book recommendations give me a call at 517-279-6164.

I just received and e-mail from the National Golf Foundation stating Michigan was one of twelve states that have a “state order in place” to close golf courses.  While golf is an important facet in many of our lives, we must exercise patience and common sense until we get our game back.  I look forward to that day soon and wish you only health and happiness in the meantime.


Rolla Frisinger


PGA Golf Professional